Special Streaming of “Behind the Scenes” at Anime EXPO lite 2021!

We will be streaming the full version of “Behind the Scenes”, which was featured in the special streaming program shown on June 17th.

Panel Name

Record of Ragnarok: Behind the Scenes

Streaming Date

July 4th, 6:30pm (PDT)

About the Panel

Record of Ragnarok is a much-anticipated anime adaptation planned and produced by Warner Bros. Japan and publisher of the original manga, Coamix. Original manga series written by Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui with Ajichika as the illustrator is now streaming exclusively on Netflix globally.
This program will let you explore how the battle-filled animation was made by visiting Graphinica, the production studio behind animation and also exclusive interview with the acclaimed music composer, Yasuharu Takanashi!
(This is a paid event)

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